Turbo Mode, Rent-to-Own Chickens, and License Plate Scandal

Turbo Mode, Rent-to-Own Chickens, and License Plate Scandal
"If 20 minutes of my time gets an app I loved back up and running again, I'm happy to do it."

Someone who rides a bike said this in an interview this week. This is why we do what we do. Hope you had a great week, friends!

LaneSpotter Shifted into Turbo Mode

This week, the team threw LaneSpotter into Turbo Mode. We spent lots of time talking to Rough Riders from the original community. Now we're expanding out.

We want to talk to cyclists who didn't use LaneSpotter the first time around.

Are you a cyclist? If so, do you have 20 minutes to chat on the phone? The team has a few questions about how you ride, why you ride, and what you think is missing when it comes to bike mapping. We promise it'll be fun!


My email has been a mess over the last month or so. Several of my friends HIGHLY recommended Superhuman, so I gave it a go.

While I've really enjoyed Superhuman email, this post isn't about that. It’s about Superhuman’s consistent messaging, data collection tactics, and customer-centric onboarding.

If you're into those things, check out Observations on Superhuman (That Aren't Related to Email).

All the Good Media

This week's entertainment highlights included:

🎧 99% Invisible: Artistic License: In 1928, Idaho became the first state to put a slogan (and image 🥔) on its license plate. It was all fun and games, until it wasn't. Did someone say, license plate scandal? Dun dun dunnnnn. It’s a quick episode too, clocking in at 38:55.

🎬 I Care a Lot on Netflix. Nasty people do terrible things in this wildly entertaining Netflix caper about guardianship fraud (NYTimes). Basically a heist movie, every character is a villain, and Peter Dinklage is a highlight, obviously.

🎧 The Dumbest Guy in The Room: In the first episode of this new podcast from Pittsburgh-based CivicScience, Founder & CEO John Dick meets with Mark Cuban to discuss the economic climate, the growth of non-fungible tokens, and the future of sports and media. Side note: John is very funny on Twitter. Congrats on the launch! 👏

Rent The Chicken

When I moved into my current house, my neighbors had four chickens. They visited my yard every day. I loved them, as you can see from my face above☝️

My neighbors got rid of them because they were wreaking havoc on the neighborhood. I've missed them ever since, so I'm filling the void.

Yep, in a couple of weeks, Rent the Chicken will deliver four chickens, a coop, and a bunch of feed to my house. They'll live here from April through November.

If you're interested, there's still time to get in on the shenanigans this season! Chickens available across the United States 🇺🇸 and beyond 🇨🇦. Seriously.

Best Sponsorship Idea Ever ? ? ? 🤷

I have a lot of experience in the events industry. You know what's big in the events industry? Cause Marketing Campaigns.

Since I've been programmed to think like this, and because I listen to a lot of podcasts, this idea popped into my head and I can't shake it. I kinda wanna make it a thing.

LaneSpotter: This Comeback Story brought to you by _____________.

Trek? Ford? REI? New Belgium? Dick's Sporting Goods? Bosch? Specialized? There's gotta be someone out there who wants to support this bike safety initiative 🤔

@Ford, if you’re interested, I’ll make it: This American Comeback Story…

Should I pitch it? Circle one: yes / no — (seriously, it’s a survey).

Until next time,
✌️ Lynsie