SEO 101, Business Registries, and It’s Raining Tacos!

SEO 101, Business Registries, and It’s Raining Tacos!

Today I’ll explain how to do organic SEO in an afternoon, introduce you to the concept of a "business registry," and share my son's love of It's Raining Tacos!

Happy Friday, yinz!

Organic SEO in an afternoon

If I can do these things, you can do these things. This week, I used Moz's 21 Smart Google SEO Tips for 2021 as a guide to do organic SEO in an afternoon.

Read about it over on the blog

Meet Emily Wazlak, Founder of Shine Registry

Emily Wazlak started Shine Registry because "If you can ask for a gravy boat when you're getting married, you should be able to ask for stuff when you're starting a business too." 🙏👏

Based out of NYC, Shine Registry hosts profiles of businesses and their founders for free with wedding registry-style lists of the stuff that they need to succeed professionally. Founders ask for support while they are starting their businesses, giving their friends, family and community to show support in meaningful and substantive ways. This week, Emily and her team launched a shiny new version of the website, with new features. Woot! 👏👏👏

If you have a few minutes, pop over, check out the Registries, and help a few founders.

If you're connected to any local economic development centers, Emily would love and greatly appreciate introductions!

If you're a founder, learn more about setting up your registry.

Some design resources

Here are three design resources that I've been using a ton while working on some workshop slides.

Flaticon: The largest database of free icons available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats. An easy way to keep the look and feel of a presentation is to use icons from a single icon pack across the design.

UnDraw: Open-source illustrations for any idea you can imagine and create AND/OR A constantly updated design project with beautiful SVG images that you can use completely free and without attribution. Regardless of which of their definitions you prefer, they're great.

Canva: I've talked about them before. My love is true and real.

99% Invisible: Episode 428: Beneath the Skyway

I love talking about, thinking about, and learning about everything that involves moving people from Point A to Point B. It's one of the things I loved most about working on LaneSpotter.

Skyway Operations.jpg

Cities around the world have distinctive modes of transportation -- the canals of Venice, the double-decker busses of London, and the Twin Cities (of Minneapolis and St. Paul) have skyways. In both downtowns, there are vast networks of climate-controlled pedestrian bridges that reach over the streets and connect adjacent buildings. They were long viewed as modern marvels, but a lot of residents and urban planners want them gone. For critics, skyways are problematic because of who gets to enjoy them and who does not as well as their impact on street activity below.

Awesome, fun, fascinating episode. Highly recommended to anyone who's into transportation & mobility, city planning, and equity.

Listen to the episode or read the transcript here

My son turned 6: These things make him happy

My little dude turned six this past weekend 🤯 🎉 😭

I asked him to pick something that makes him happy to share in this week's email. He picked Roblox, but I told him I'd already filled you in on Roblox.

Then, of course, he couldn't pick just one, so you're getting two.

The Flash on Netflix. Originally broadcast on CW... airing on The CW. It is based on the Barry Allen incarnation of DC Comics character the Flash, a costumed superhero crime-fighter with the power to move at superhuman speeds. It is a spin-off from Arrow, existing in the same fictional universe known as Arrowverse. I gotta admit, I love this TV show (it's about someone who's super fast!!!). We watch an episode almost every night.

It's Raining Tacos 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮 — I don't even know what to say about this. Thank you and I'm sorry??? This was introduced to us through Roblox, obviously.

And just because it was so epic, here's a picture of his birthday cake from Bella Christie. His dad loves going big on birthday cakes 😆

roblox cake.jpeg

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