Meet BeyondRanked

Meet BeyondRanked

I said it once when I profiled Warp World. And I'll say it again. The streaming world is booming. This is why The Fund Midwest team is also super excited about our fifth investment, BeyondRanked!

BeyondRanked is a first-of-its-kind platform for gamers to discover and book esports commentators.

Wait, what? Yes, you can book a commentator for esports tournaments, scrimmages, or casual matches with friends (which I think is pretty epic).

For gamers, a commentator can make your gameplay exciting, fun, and super shareable. Gamers' play is streamed live, recorded, and clipped so you can share the best moments with friends, brag to your enemies, or make an incredible highlight reel for social media.

Take hype to a whole new level!

For commentators, BeyondRanked helps you find opportunities, build your brand, grow your following, and get paid – all in one place!

Based in Indianapolis, BeyondRanked was born from the oversized brains of founders Kyle Pendergast and Michael Tarnowski. Before embarking on this journey, the two of them created the largest recreational Rocket League circuit in the United States – Indy Gaming League (which now has over 4,000 players in regular tournaments). All of this was grown organically.

These guys aren't slackers.

BeyondRanked has already acquired 2,500 weekly active teams, and over 5,000 monthly matches played. They’ve received over 6,000 bookings for casters in their first six months of existence. And, the company is currently participating in the Minnesota Twins Accelerator by Techstars!

How can you help? Glad you asked! Introductions related to any of these are welcomed!

  • Connect with high school, college, and pro esports teams to help empower their recorded gameplay with commentators.  
  • They’re hiring for a full-time Senior UI/UX designer and a full-time Senior Engineer to accelerate our product development.  
  • Generally, they'd appreciate speaking with anyone with experience in d2c marketplaces.  

When I asked Kyle what his (and Michael's) superpower his, his response was:

We build great communities.

I absolutely love it.

If you're into gaming and streaming, connect with them on the interwebs!

And while you're at it, check out the marketplace and book a commentator. I'd love to see one of you create an epic clip to share on social!

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