Company Wikis, a Condiment in Crisis, & Car Vending Machines

Plus, Makeup Stacks, Teardrop Trailers, Rhinegeist Truth, Emoji Mania, & Hobo Baths

Company Wikis, a Condiment in Crisis, & Car Vending Machines

Hello friends!

Some hard news real quick. Did you know that we’re currently in the middle of a condiment crisis? A recent shortage of ketchup packets has actually spawned a black market. Don’t worry though, Heinz is on it.

Heinz forever, Hunts never. #pghproud

Creating a Company Wiki

LaneSpotter is ZIPPIN’, so it was time to get organized — that meant a company wiki. Yinz know I love Notion, so that’s what we used.

A few tips, if you're interested in using Notion for your wiki:

🏬 Create a wiki for each department/business category.
🌳 Pick the right icons for root-level pages so they're easy to find fast.
🔗 Establish a relational data model so everything is connected.
🧱 Start with templates. You’ll have to customize them, but a starting point is nice.
🌟 Future addition: A public-facing wiki for job postings!

Kopa had my favorite overview on using Notion to build a wiki for a startup-sized team. Thanks, Kopa!

🔍 Read instead of watch

I Bought a Car From a Vending Machine

Approximately once a month, I do something completely unexpected to everyone around me. This month, I traded in my car through Carvana at 1 am on a Sunday. I didn't have to talk to a single human. It was joyous. I highly recommend (so far).

Why did I do this? The Prius just isn’t big enough for the adventuring I want to do. So, back to a Subaru Outback, my all-time favorite car. Arrival date: 4/20. I'll share pics next week. 🎉

Meet Rachel Reid, Founder of Subtl Beauty

I met Rachel Reid a few years back when she was launching Subtl Beauty out of AlphaLab. Her mission spoke to me instantly.

Simplify the makeup routine. Full-size products in a compact, portable stack. Designed for busy, badass women on the go. I know a few you 😉

Fun fact: Rachel’s building her business in Pittsburgh, but Pittsburgh isn’t her home. That’s New Zealand 🇳🇿

So, how can we help Rachel?

  • Subtl Beauty is raising a round of funding. If you'd like to meet Rachel and the team, let me know!
  • Buy a stack! You won’t be disappointed.

Who Needs a Shower Anyway?

LaneSpotter + The Fund Midwest = Time on the road in PA, OH, MI, IN, IL, and KY.

I always bring a bike with me when I travel. Now that I have an Outback again, why not bring the whole 🏕️ setup? I mean, I don’t really need a shower since I show up sweaty everywhere anyway. I'll just do what my mountain bike friends do and take a hobo bath. 🧼

I want the new setup to work for me (traveling solo) and for my zoo (kid + two dogs). I’ve been considering big tents, teardrop trailers, travel trailers, and rooftop tents. That last one sounds like a lot of fun. It also sounds like the right fit!

I think I’ll head toward Cincinnati first. See ya soon, Chris Bergman!✌️

Smile-Inducing Stuff

Hyperlinks in Canva: I love adding hyperlinks to text, elements, images, and videos in Canva. When you export your design as a PDF, those links remain clickable. See an example from the LaneSpotter pitch deck above.☝️

Emojipedia: Find the perfect emoji instantly. I have this open in a tab almost always. What can I say, I ♥️ emojis! 🤷‍♀️

Rhinegeist Truth IPA: I grab a few of these every time I swing by the D's Beer Cave. Invest in the Midwest. Start with your beer.

Until next time,