Wiener Innovation, E-Bikes in Detroit, and a Gem for Founders

Plus, Lanespotter's new website, Questlove's Summer of Soul, two great bookstore finds, and the importance of personas, perspective, and focus.

Wiener Innovation, E-Bikes in Detroit, and a Gem for Founders

I don't know why this "innovation" took so long, but kudos to our favorite Pittsburgh ketchup company, Heinz, for making it happen 👏

Happy Friday, friends! Get out there and grill some wieners.

The Importance of Personas, Perspective, and Focus

When I was in Techstars Mobility program in 2018, I found out that an investor I was about to meet was the Managing Director of a well-respected fund with an investment thesis that seemed like the perfect fit for LaneSpotter.

Then I found out that this investor rides his bike 8,000 miles a year!!! FYI: That's a shit ton of miles. I couldn't wait to meet him. It was meant to be.

Spoiler alert, it wasn't.

👉 Read the full article here

Meet Jason Hall

The best way to see Detroit is by bike. If you don't believe me, ask my friend Jason Hall. Nobody knows Detroit by bike like Jason.

I met Jason my first week in Detroit after weaseling my way onto a panel about biking in Detroit (which I knew nothing about)👇

Little did he know that I was going to force him to be my friend after this event 😆

Jason is one of the most recognizable bike enthusiasts in America, thanks to his role in founding the legendary Slow Roll Detroit. The friendly bike ride turned international phenomenon when thousands of people started showing up to cruise around Detroit together every Monday evening. I've never had so much fun on a bike ride.

After Slow Roll blew up, Jason was contacted by Apple and featured in their iconic Superbowl commercial. Yeah, he's pretty rad.

After running Slow Roll for eight years, Jason stepped away to do something different. That something is RiDetroit, the city's premiere e-bike and walking tour company, which he runs in partnership with Electric Ave Bikes. This brings us to the best part...

A visit to Detroit isn't complete without a bike ride with Jason Hall, so I'm organizing a ride to take place before the Pittsburgh / Detroit startup event on July 22nd. Join me and Jason for a five neighborhood e-bike tour of Detroit!

👉 Register for the ride

Lanespotter: New Website + Hiring

Our new website is live! Teamwork made the dream work! The Lanespotter crew whipped this up in Webflow over the last week. Pop on by and join the list to get updates on the relaunch.

Since the first piece of our MVP is almost done, we're looking for some bike nerds across the country to join us as Bike Ambassadors. If you know someone who loves bikes and knows all the best routes, send them my way! Please and thank you.

Good Media: The Mostly Music Edition

Questlove's 'Summer of Soul' (on Hulu)

In 1969, during the same summer as Woodstock, another music festival took place 100 miles away – in Harlem. Footage of The Harlem Cultural Festival had been locked in a basement for 50 years, until it was rescued by Questlove.

Dance-Inducing Songs

I'm in a pretty good mood as I type this thanks to recent meetings with some rad ladies, including Emily Siegel from Trek Gum, Allison Howard from Nollapelli, Nadyli Nunez from Ascender, and Emily Mercurio from CivicMapper. To spread the good vibes, I'm sharing three of my favorite songs to dance to while cooking. Enjoy!

Bookstore Finds

White Whale Bookstore is back open for browsing! I missed being able to wander the aisles of a bookstore, looking for gems I didn't know existed. While I can't recommend either of these yet, I am very excited to to flip through the pages.

The 99% Invisible City: 99% Invisible host Roman Mars and producer Kurt Kohlstedt zoom in on intriguing details about how our cities work, exploring the origins and other fascinating stories behind everything from power grids and fire escapes to drinking fountains and street signs.

Kraftwerk: Future Music from Germany: The story of the phenomenon that is Kraftwerk, and how they revolutionised our cultural landscape.

Thanks, dad!

For My Founder Friends

Here are a few things that could be helpful to you. The first one is a real gem. I buried it at the bottom. I figure if you made it this far, you earned it.

  1. An awesome "Active Investor List" of 300+ angel investors that I found on Twitter. It includes contact info, LinkedIn URLs, and the sectors they focus on. I can't remember who shared it or I'd give them credit. You know the rules. Don't spam. Don't bcc. Be a human.
  2. Great startup advice from Adrian Cole. Follow him on Twitter.
  3. The Lanespotter team updated our pitch deck to match the new website. Added a few additional slides as well. If you're interested in seeing the structure and flow, check it out.

Until next time,

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