Breaking the Seal, Studio Moves, and a Shout-Out To My Ladies

Plus, Calendly meets Chrome, a founder-in-residence, and a Hall & Oates phone hotline.

Breaking the Seal, Studio Moves, and a Shout-Out To My Ladies

This past Tuesday (March 8) was International Women's Day. While there are too many to name (and I know I'll forget someone), I wanted to give shout-outs to some of the amazing ladies in my life who inspire me and have had a huge impact on me. Their support has meant everything – and I am who I am today because of them. Love yinz!

My mom (obviously), Ilana Diamond, Jenny Fielding, Alicia McGinnis, Kelly Collier, Nadyli Nunez, Jennifer Fried, Priya Amin, Olga Pagoda, Emily Siegel, Julie Vender, Allison Howard, Audrey Russo, Alejandra Rovirosa, Melinda Colaizzi, Lauren Puschaver, Cat Tsavalas, Katie Burton, Kristen Sobel, Nicki Zevola Benvenuti, Christina Lee, Gaby Isturiz, Rachel Feuerborn, Avery Pollock, Emily Geiger, Cassie Guerin, Anna Barber, Alison Alvarez, Janine Sickmeyer, Shauna Armitage, Emily Wazlak, Allison Braund-Harris, Rachel Reid, Alison Treaster, Emily Mercurio, Maddi Love.

Thank you for everything you do.

Happy Friday, friends! Hug a woman you love.

Better Work Ventures: An Update

It's been a BIG week for Better Work Ventures. I'm super proud of the progress we're making and am excited to keep this party rolling 🧻 🧻 🧻

Here's the latest:

We signed our Letter of Intent to work with AngelList to manage our fund! This means that, within the next couple of weeks, we'll be ready to start pitching investors and locking in commitments.

While I've never loved fundraising, I'm actually excited about it this time around. For some reason, it's easier for me when I'm doing it to help other founders. Also, I've gotten used to hearing no and it doesn't bother me anymore 🤷‍♀️

Our first Founder-in-Residence has signed on! This is huge. Better Work can't be successful without dynamic, passionate founders who want to build the future of consumer tech.

There are two ways we'll be working with Founders. First, they can pitch us an idea they already have. Two, they can come to us without an idea and work with our team to come up with something we can validate together. I'll be writing more about this in the future. And the announcement on our first FIR is coming soon.

Yesterday was Day One of the GSSN Startup Studio Bootcamp! In this eight-week Bootcamp, Nathaniel and I will be working with some of the best of the best in the studio space, including Enhance Ventures, Pioneer Square Labs, XGenesis, and my old pals, High Alpha. Our cohort consists of six startup studios from all over the world, including Tennessee, California, Australia, and Dubai!

Side note: There are 10 men and 3 women in the cohort. At least I'm not alone. That said, this is why I do what I do. We need more representation on this side of the table.

My goal is to carve out some time over the next week or so to write about why we chose the studio over traditional fund and accelerator. Stay tuned!

Breaking the Social Media Seal

Remember that time the studio was called Hooman and I went and got all of our social handles and then immediately changed the studio name so I had to do it all over again?

Yeah, that was fun 🙄

Anywaaaaaay, on my list of things to do this week, was to redo my work AND post the first set of tweets on Twitter. Because I definitely like Twitter the best.

Damn, I forgot how scary blank slate accounts can be!

Of course, I turned to the expert to get tips on the best way to get started. And to get a few tips on other ways to start engaging with our studio audience on social. Here's what I found.

31 Tweet Ideas For Your Startup’s First Month on Twitter (Get Gist)

It's nice to have a little guide for inspiration! While not every suggestion in this post will work for me, a few of them definitely got my wheels turning – and looking forward to crafting some of Better Work's first tweets.

How to Reach More People on Twitter: What the Latest Research Shows (Social Media Examiner)

If engagement with your squad on Twitter has been a bit lackluster recently, this article provides some tips on how to get people hitting that like button and resharing your content.


That said, one of the ways I've increased followers and engagement a bunch over the last six months is simply by posting more regularly. In fact, I try to post something every day. I decided to do this after reading the results some peeps got after participating in Tweet 100: 100 day challenge for publishing more on Twitter, which was created by longtime community builder, Jay Clouse. It works!

How Long Should a Social Media Video Be? Tips for Every Network (Hootsuite)

Before we get into specifics, here's the thing you need to understand at this point. Video is a must.

Now, here's the TL;DR on video length by network:

  • Instagram Video: 1 minute
  • Instagram Stories: 15 seconds
  • Instagram Reels: 15 – 60 seconds
  • Facebook video length: less than 1 minute
  • TikTok video length: 7 – 15 seconds
  • Twitter video length: 44 seconds
  • YouTube video length: 2 minutes
  • LinkedIn video length: max 30 seconds
  • Snapchat video length: 7 seconds

If you want the details on why these lengths work, check out the article. It's a good read.

What the Tech?!?

The Calendly Chrome Extension

This is by far my favorite find of the week! I have no idea how it took me this long to find it, but damn, I'm so glad I did.

Install the extension and the little Calendly logo will show up in the extensions section of your Chrome browser.

When you click it, you can:

  • Access all of your event types right from your Chrome browser.
  • Select and share your available times to meet in just a few clicks.
  • Mark and save event types as your favorites for even quicker access.
  • Choose specific time slots to display in emails to quickly set up one-off meetings.

I know this doesn't seem like a lot, but it's a super timesaver. And now I have one last tab open at all times! #win

6 Entertaining Hotlines to Soothe Your Dystopian Lockdown Nightmares

My new favorite Peloton instructor is a very funny Brit named Bradley Rose. I like him for several reasons:

  • He tells really bad jokes all the time.
  • When he "dances" during his rides, it looks like he's air juggling.
  • His rides fly by because they're so damn fun.
  • And finally, I've picked up a bunch of weird tidbits from him. Hence, this post.


Dial this number. Do it. (719) 266-2837

Other amazing hotlines features in this article I discovered:

  • Dial-A-Song from They Might Be Giants
  • Hogwarts Admissions Office
  • The Existential Crisis Hotline

Until next time,


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